Who am I (Poem) 

Who am I 
Who is that person I see that person deep inside of me, a scared child, a lonely heart, a broken soul of so many stories untold, a crushed past, a glowing future, a sad yesterday but a better tomorrow.

Who is that person I see that person deep inside of me hiding in such dark places afraid of the light, afraid of the faces, a invisible one learning to be strong but not facing reality of what’s really going on, a darkness so great it engulfed around me, a person I no longer wish to be.

Who is that person and why are they here, why are you surrounded by so much fear? Thinking about the life before and how it’s supposed to be, go away, stay away from me, I don’t want you anymore can’t you see! Why are you destroying my life? How many times will you make me cry, make me doubt myself , make me afraid to try….. the darkness in me, the person I don’t want to be, the ignorance of reality, the uncertainty of my future because of past acurrancies..

That person is apart of me, we coexist in reality, learning from the past , living in the future, taking a step, praying for better…..

Who is that person I see that person deep inside of me? Scared and lonely I don’t want to be but that person I see is apart of me.

By: Alicia #Excel 


Influence Sleep

On those nights that you struggle to turn off the day and quiet your thoughts, a little motivation and encouragement may be helpful for sleep. In fact, studies have shown that how positive we feel and how much gratitude we feel can indeed influence sleep.